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Hello everyone!

     I have been creating web sites for personal pleasure and as a volunteer for approximately 10 years.  My sites have all enjoyed considerable traffic and I continually hone my talents as technology increases. 

     Recently, a non-profit agency contacted me about using my talents to design a site for them and the results were not only personally satisfying to me, but enhanced their program significantly.  I have to admit I was quite surprised!  In the same way, I hope to help your business expand and take on a new life as orders begin pouring in by the use of this exciting new medium. 

    Please take time to review some of my work on the Internet.  I think you will find my sites formally tasteful and significantly unique.  Working together, my personalized service can create a site that fits your business or personality and, most of all, helps your business to expand its horizons.  

Contact Me Anytime
Dennis Oubre
Phone: (254) 420-1078

Here is a listing of web sites that I have completed or in various stages of construction.  Your feedback is very important to me and I look eagerly forward to hearing any comments or suggestions you might share.  

Acadiana Stakeholders for Prevention and Treatment  

      This site is a labor of love, and I'm anxiously observing the traffic it is enjoying. The site is still being constructed as I await input from the owners. As you visit the site, please note the exciting use I'm making of Flash and Shockwave from Macromedia Software.

St. Francis Foundation, Inc.

     This site is a labor of love for me.  The format and designs are my own and the administrators of the organization are very satisfied with the work I have done.  The site is currently enjoying a very nice traffic flow.  
     Please feel free to visit and or click here if you wish to contact their main office for their comments or recommendations.  

Alternative Outpatient Services

     I created this site at the request of a very dear friend of mine.  With some significant input from the owner, we designed a site that is visually appealing and formally tasteful as befitting the business.  I wrote a script for the site that offers visitors a "quote of the day" which changes each day automatically.  
     Please click here if you wish to contact the owner of the site for any comments or questions.

Recovery Rest Stop

     This is an extensive site that has been designed and maintained by me.  I have used a wide variety of scripts, features, backgrounds, and formats.  

First Christian Church

     Here is another site I have constructed.  All of the graphics that are used have been designed from scratch.  The site is innovative, unique, user-friendly, and very appealing to the eye.  I hope you enjoy your visit there..  


Please Contact Me with any suggestions/comments.


Please feel free to send me e-mail.

My ICQ number is 1065581.


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