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Here is a List of All My Online Friends



Gordon's Project Page

Gordon is a truly one of my favorite people in the whole world. He keeps me laughing --- even when I really would rather just weep. I can truly say that it is a privilege to know him.


Marti's World!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marti!  Marti's site is currently in the process of construction, but she is hard at work!  Her site currently contains personal information, her personal story, and much more.  I know that you will enjoy watching her homepage evolve as much as I will.  Thanks Marti!!!


Frannie's Home Page

This is the website of a true angel!  Frannie has links to lots of great sites and you may even spot me lurking in the picture section. <VBG> Frannie is a great inspiration to me. Love ya' Frannie!!!


Nancy's Honest To Goodness Home Page

A newfound friend....I hope that you enjoy your visit with her. Her page is new and is in a process of growth. Honest to Goodness!!


lj's Place

This small website belies the "bigness" of Laura Jean's heart. 
I strive to be of service just like her----with humble thankfulness always.


Zante's WebTV Fun Page

Who said we were a glum lot!! I beg to differ!! Rachelle's site is innovative, fun, and very well done. There you will find some AA links, her personal story, and a buncha fun. I find a visit there very uplifting.. 
Thanks Rachelle!



Jim's site is chock full of all types of links. He's really done some heavy footwork!! 
The hard work really shows.



Contact Information

E-mail me with any comments please.

I live in Hewitt, Texas.

My ICQ number is 1065581


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