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My Name is Lou B. and I am an Alcoholic
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     I was born in Ohio and had my first drink at the age of nine years. I remember the way I felt at the time...sick and the lights spinning out-of-control. It's true that alcohol is cunning, baffling, and powerful, because even though the effects were unpleasant, I began stealing drinks off of my Mom's kitchen table when she had parties. Dad was a bartender and Mom had been a cocktail waitress for years. My oldest sister used to babysit us a lot in those days. There were six of us children, 4 girls and 2 boys, and I was the oldest boy.

     I remember way back on my grandpa's farm, deep in the woods of Ohio. You had to drive through several hollows to get to my grandpa's place. The farm next to his had moonshine and all of us kids always wanted to visit that farm....and we did....a lot! The guy that owned it used to give us hits off of his jug of booze. I don't think you've ever experienced alcohol until you have tried some moonshine.

      We swam a lot in those days, and then lay out (or passed out) from the booze we drank. We never got caught because Mom, and whoever she was with at the time, was always too smashed to find out.

     In 1958, we moved from Ohio to California. I went to many different schools because we moved a lot. Money was scarce because Mom seemed to drink all the money up. At the age of 15, I stopped going to school to go to work and help out the family. My Mom got divorced 8 times in those years. Also at the age of 15, I began drinking in bars down in the San Pedro area. I was hardly ever checked for underage since I looked older than 15.

     I got married for the first time at the age of 21. We had 3 fine sons, all of which are good looking like their father. <VBG> My new father-in-law got me into being a seafood chef. I was real good at that, and I worked at the Hungry Tiger Rest for 18 years, cooking in front of the customers. All of those years, I kept watching the bartender making drinks for my customers. I began taking drinks with them while I cooked. It wasn't long before I became the bartender.

     In 1985, I got caught driving home drunk from work...not once, but three times! That is not a good thing in Southern California. I spent 9 months in jail on a one year term. I was court-ordered to "drunk school" and Alcoholics Anonymous. As I said I did 9 months in jail, and the first thing I did when I hit the street on March 3, 1986 was to drink real good. I was sent back to court and the judge issued an ultimatum--either I go to A.A. meetings or GO TO PRISON!! I figured, "No Way!" and so on May 1, 1986 I went to my first A.A. meeting at the Torrance Alano Club. I stayed another 90 days in Torrance and then moved to San Pedro and began attending 5 meetings a day.

     I got my first sponsor when I was six months sober and he helped me travel through the 12 Steps of recovery. I have been sober ever since. At one year of sobriety, I became the club manager and I did that for three and a half years. I then moved to Lancaster, saved money and bought the computer I have now.

     And now here I am...sober, alive, and working with other alcoholics daily. I know that all I can do is to share my experience, strength, and hope and to remember my total defeat at the hands of King Alcohol. I thank God every day that I found this higher power concept. I know today that He works in His own time and NOT in mine. I also know that I must remember the beginning of my sobriety and go to any lengths for victory over alcohol. I know that I create my own problems and that the A.A. program works...and my program doesn't.

     Thanks for letting me share my story with you. Thank God for one more day.

Lou B.


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