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It is my hope that you find lots of interesting links and helpful AA resources while you are here. This site was created in order to help AA members find recovery related sites and groups on the Internet. If anyone finds a site that they would like to see posted here, please feel free to contact me. The sites listed here are primarily AA related, but some of them may have additional information unrelated to AA. Here is a list of sites that may aid you in recovery from this deadly malady of mind and spirit:


Friends of Bill W.

These links are from personal homepages and friends that have decided to share their talents with us. They are all examples of selflessness and service to others. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Online AA Groups and Chatrooms

. This page is a listing of many online E-mail, Chatrooms, ICQ , and Bulletin Board AA Groups. I hope that this helps you to find a "home."

Comprehensive and Regional Sites

These are sites that have EVERYTHING! Here you will also find the sites of various Intergroups and Regions from around the world. These sites epitomize the slogan "Carry the Message" in my opinion. Thanks to all the webmasters and groups for their wonderful and selfless service.

AA Literature and History

What's an AA website without literature? Here are many links to explore our literature and the history of our fellowship. I can spend hours and hours at these sites.

Personal Stories of Recovery

These are personal stories that have been submitted by individuals. Each one is a miracle of the AA program and I thank each one from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us. If you would like to share your story, please contact me and we'll get it posted together.


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